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PURE MUSCLE POWER – Build Your Muscles and Improve Your Performance with BCAAs. True BCAA gives 5 grams of ultra-premium BCAAs every delicious scoop. Unlike other BCAA, True BCAA has zero sugars, zero carbs and zero tag-along, underdosed amino that provide zero benefits to you and your workouts. Instead, you get a powerful dose of three time-tested, research-proven, gym-approved amino that you can use before, during, or after your workout to help fuel your muscles and recovery like never before
BCAA Power Essential Building Blocks for Muscle – Branch Chain Amino Acids have stood the test of time. Quite simply, they work. And they work well. BCAAs consist of three powerful amino acids known as Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These amino acids are considered essential because your body cannot produce them. Their highly unique structure allows them to be metabolized inside your muscles, which gives them the ability to fuel muscle performance and recovery in a way that other amino can’t
Train Harder. Boost muscle endurance and slay fatigue – If your hard training has you feeling tired and beat, it’s time to reach for some BCAAs. Like True BCAA. BCAAs are a great way to help preserve muscle glucose levels. This gives you more muscle energy to train with and can help boost muscle endurance. Besides, BCAAs may also help to fight off feelings of physical and mental fatigue, and that’s huge if you’re pushing your body and workouts to the extreme.
Trigger NEW Muscle Growth – BCAAs help supports maximum muscle growth and recovery. L-Leucine, one of the three BCAAs, is clinically proven to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis in the muscle. Protein synthesis is the process your muscles use to put together new muscle proteins – build bigger muscles – and this help support faster recovery and new muscle growth. It also help to protect lean muscle from breaking down when you take your diet and training to extremes.
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