Protein is considered among the most common and must have supplements for those who aim to be fit and improve their physical acumen. Protein powder is concentrated source of nutritional supplement from natural foods such as animal and plant foods, dairy, eggs, etc. Protein is an essential macro-nutrient used for muscle repair, building muscles, and improving overall cardiovascular health. There are different types of protein powders available, including dairy-based and plant-based protein powders.

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Whey Protein Supplements are created and extracted from various different foods in various different forms. The three most common forms in which Whey Protein Supplements are available are Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Hydroslates. All these Whey Protein Supplement forms have different Whey Protein Concentrations and are extracted in a different way. Angelic Fitness online store provides all different forms of Whey Protein Supplements with a guarantee of 100% original authentic products at genuine pricing for fitness freaks from all over India to buy with free shipping services.

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Buy Whey Protein Concentrate

In this form the protein proportion in the supplement ranges from 60-80% and the remaining proportion is fats and carbs (20-40%). This form is extracted using heat, acid and enzymes from whole food. Whey Protein concentrate supplement is one of the widely used proteins forms and helps in speedy recovery and building muscle strength. It is available in many flavors which makes it an automatic fan favorite.
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Buy Whey Protein Isolate

Isolation process is carried out on previously acquired protein concentrates to further eliminate the fat and carb elements leaving the protein proportion to jump up to 90-95%. Whey Protein Isolate carries little to none lactose content which makes it an obvious choice for lactose intolerant people. It is very effective form in weight management, muscle growth and strength and speedy recovery.
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Buy Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Hydrolysates is created using the process of hydrolysis on the protein isolates for further breaking down the acids, enzymes and amino acids. Whey Protein hydrolysates are rapidly absorbed and digested by the body and increase muscle recovery and building 3x times as other forms. This is also the most expensive form of any protein supplement.
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Hydrolysates help in muscle growth after exercise more than any other form of protein.


There are many benefits of whey protein supplement intake, however our daily diet may sometimes prove not enough to fulfill our protein requirement which is why we need to tend to why protein powders.

Weight Management

Protein is one of the most common nutrients that our body requires for muscle repair and growth, but recent research has shown that whey protein can even prove beneficial in effective weight loss and weight management among and gaining lean mass in over weight and obese individuals. Whey protein can be helpful in losing weight via fasting s it provides all necessary amino acids and helps you in feeling full. Whey protein supplement is an effective way to gain nutrients and improve cardiovascular and heart health at the same time keeping your cholesterol in check.

Muscle Growth

Protein is considered essential for muscle growth by trainers and other gym enthusiasts, whether you consume it naturally or from concentrated source. There is no substitute for protein in a diet. Researchers have proved that the muscle growth and strength was much better and higher in individuals who took whey protein with their workout routine as compared to those who did workouts but did not consume whey protein. Several types of whey protein supplements are available for different requirements and physique of an individual.

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Muscle Healing/ Recovery

Protein serve another big purpose that is healing muscle after a workout session. They not just only help in muscle growth but can also assist in fixing damaged muscles and tissues. For those who workout regularly will really benefit from whey protein supplement intake as it will help improving muscle performance and increasing muscle protein synthesis.

Nutritional Value

It is seen commonly that sometimes our diet may restrict daily intake of protein such as vegan and vegetarian diets. In this scenario whey protein powder can help your body gain all the nutritional value missing from your body. Athletes, body-builders, players, older adults, young adults all require protein intake for smooth functioning and healthy maintenance of their bodies.



Fitness has become a worldwide trend, with increasing diseases and medical bills people all over the world are leaning more towards fitness to avoid getting ill. On this journey to fitness having a proper nutritional and healthy diet is as important as doing exercises or lifting weights. Protein, vitamins and other nutrition play a major role in staying fit. Sometimes what your diet cannot provide your body you may need to purchase supplements to fulfill those needs. Our online whey supplements store provides you with authentic products to complete your body’s protein and nutritional requirements. It is important to know what is your requirement and preference and choose the supplement accordingly. You can visit our whey supplements store to gain more information regarding the different types of proteins available and choose the most suitable products accordingly.

Having access to all different kinds of whey supplements and proteins from home will be a huge advantage as you don’t have to waste time looking for shops that sell authentic products in real life. We will deliver your products at your doorstep and you can also make online payments through cards or other online payment platforms. We promise to provide 100% authentic whey supplements at our online store to guarantee best results for you. We care about what you eat and whether your body is meeting its daily protein requirements or not. Your health and well-being are important to us that’s why our whey supplements store provides different flavors and varieties of proteins such as egg-based, plant-based, etc. keeping in mind different preferences of people.



With increasing awareness among fitness and people starting to look after themselves more the demand of protein powder has surely increased. This has led to different types of protein powders with different benefits and different sources.

Whey Protein Powder

Whey is considered a complete protein as it contains all the necessary amino acids required from food. Whey protein is easily absorbed and proves really helpful in effective weight loss, increasing lean mass, building and repairing muscles and overall cardiovascular health of overweight or obese individuals.
Whey protein is extracted from milk, the liquid that is separated from curd during the cheese-making process, carrying high degree of protein and lactose. However whey isolate is also available for lactose an intolerant person, which isolates the protein from the lactose element. Whey Protein Supplement is effective in MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) which leads to repair, or creation of the new muscle.

Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein is also extracted from whey protein, it takes time for the digestion of casein protein. The slow absorption and digestion of casein protein helps in better exposure of the amino acids to the body. It helps in slowing down the muscle protein breakdown absorption

of amino acids. Casein protein is given a preference over whey protein when the calorie intake of the individual is restricted which leads to better MPS rate in comparison to both whey and soy protein.

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Egg Protein Powder

Eggs are enriched with nutritional values and are considered as one of the best source for high-quality protein. Eggs are on top of the PDCAAS (protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score) table when compared with any other whole foods. Egg protein powder is made from egg whites, the protein quality is consistent and the high-fat yolks are removed before the process.
Egg protein is also enriched with amino acids that human body cannot make on its own. Egg protein is a good choice for easily digestible protein for people with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance.

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Plant-based Protein or Vegan Protein Powder

Plant protein is gluten free, lactose free, without any allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, milk, soy etc. Plant based protein has equal nutritional and beneficial values as other dairy based proteins and it helps in reducing your overall calorie intake and controls your appetite.

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Buying Whey Protein Supplements can be very problematic if the seller is not providing you with original whey protein supplementsWhey Protein Supplements can either improve or hinder your progress depending upon the quality of the product. So many retailers are selling fake whey protein supplements which have affected the trust of the buyers.
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Whey Protein Powder is a much better protein for all kinds of people, it is easy to absorb, helps your body gaining muscle strength and lose fat as well. People of all ages require protein intake for proper functioning and healthy living standards. To the people who workout everyday 2-3 scoops (252-30 gms) is recommended for healthy growth and effective recovery of the muscles. For people of older ages it is important to regulate protein intake, whey protein can be helpful with that but consult your physician if you have undermining health issues before buying whey protein powder.

Whey Protein Powder is important for people who are lactose intolerant as they can’t get protein from dairy, it is essential for women and children for effective growth and remaining healthy. Buy Whey Protein Powder from Angelic Fitness today for better recovery and high performance with 100% authentic and genuine priced supplements.



  • Consuming protein will make you big and bulky
    No! All proteinsdon’t make you big and bulky, there are proteins specially designed to put on lean mass and gain efficiently manage your body weight.
  • Protein will help in muscle growth even if you don’t workout
    This is another incorrect fact, protein will help in muscle growth but only in case if you are performing any resistance exercises, such as, body-building, weight lifting or any other form of workout.
  • More protein = More muscle mass
    People often have the misconception that if they consume more than required amounts of proteinit will make them progress faster, this is not true at all!! You should only consume the recommended amount as any more than that can lead to nausea, bloating, cramps, kidney failures, etc.
  • Protein won’t affect your pre-existing medical condition
    If you have any kidney or liver related issues or any sorts of allergies, you must consult with your doctor before buyingany protein powder.
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